If you only have a few seconds to read my review of Eighty-Six here is the general feel: don't bother. It has a lame atmosphere, it's expensive and the food isn't great.  Wait in line at Burger and Lobster. It's waaaaayyyyyy better, and cheaper.  If you would like to know exactly why  Eighty Six Sucks, I invite you to keep reading and join me on this treacherous journey.

My friend booked a table at their special Lobster Tuesday which was advertised on their website as £20.  It's not £20, it's £22 (not a huge difference I know, but it's on principal) which we only found out when we got the bill because the menu we were given also listed the price at £20.  Jokers.

Eight-Six used to be a half decent Mexican restaurant. Someone should turn it back into that.  The restaurant was basically empty and there were more staff than actual customers, but for some reason it still took quite a long time for them to take our orders and bring us our dessert (more on that later) and it took absolutely ages to bring the bill.  I don't understand that.  Restaurants, why do you always trip at the finish line?  When we ask for the bill, BRING IT, it's the last thing you do so really reflects on the overall service.   But that doesn't matter because Eighty-Six adds their own service charge, so they are getting paid whether or not they have crappy service.

Anyway, this was the lobster I got.  It's wasn't the worst thing I've ever eaten, I mean, I've eaten Tesco's own sushi, but on a scale of 1-10, 10 being Burger and Lobster tied with fresh Maine crab in Maine and a 1 being food poisoning,  this lobster was hovering around a 4.

My sad lobster

The did have a fairly decent cocktail list, but it was highly overpriced regularly at almost £10 a pop.  They did have a 2-4-1 special and we had the Grey Goose Fiz, which didn't taste like it had any alcohol whatsoever.  Mostly just tasted like lemonade, which is tasty, but I would have like to have had a one cocktail buzz on. That didn't happen.

Grey Goose Fizz

The one redeeming quality was the Espresso Brulee for £5.  But as you'll know from my previous posts I love me some brulee.  Wasn't the best one ever, but was definitely the highlight of the meal.  I didn't take a picture because I was too busy eating it.

I wore a white shirt with jeans and my AMAZING Zara sale buy tan suede wedges.  I got soap on the wedges in the bathroom, so that also sucked a little.

Here is the info if you want to risk it:  www.86restaurant.co.uk Ph:  02070529620 Location: 86 Fulham Road SW3 6HR (at least the address is easy to remember).

Overall, not worth it.  If you want good lobster, pretty much go anywhere else in London.  Even The Big Easy isn't that far away and they have lobster specials all the time for less money and it includes a drink.

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