Manga Tuscany

In the limited but awesome Italian I learned on my recent trip to Tuscany, I'm pretty sure the above means eat Tuscany, which I attempted to do.

We stayed at San Felice which is an amazing old town that was turned into a beautiful hotel. Seriously, the whole town. It was small, but I still managed to get lost. This was the street our room was on.

The restaurant was even more awesome and I ate what might possibly be the best 'amouse bouche' (they call it that in Italy even though its French. Europeans!) ever. It was Parmesan creme brûlée. Like, cream with Parmesan and then a sweet candied top like creme brûlée. It was amazing. Then I had prawns wrapped in bacon. In my books, anything wrapped in bacon is 5 star. Then I had a yummy pasta and some kind of fish. But by far the first two things were the best.

San Felice is also a vineyard and the wine they produce is ace.

In conclusion, I think you should go there even though its kind of a pain in the balls to get to.

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