Evans and Peel Detective Agency London

The girls and I needed a night out and my fab friend Kim suggested we go to to this Evans and Peel Detective Agency/Restaurant. Niche, right?

 So, they don't really give you any info. We had to make an 'appointment' ahead of time and then show up at the location near Earls Court. We met outside to think of our 'case'. Since we made the reservation for 6 but only 5 of us could make it out of work on time, the story was we were missing out sister.

We buzz in the discreet door and then give the 'case worker' at the front desk a detailed explanation of the situation (Kim: "She looks like Stephanie, except black."). We also asked for a hot 'detective' to comfort us, and weren't disappointed. A very good looking Aussie came to take our drinks... and that was it.

We sat there in a room pretty much full of couples and drank £10 vintage cocktails and talked. Which is fine, but I thought there would be an continuation of the whole detective thing.

Ya, it was decorated well and the bartender had his head shaved save a hand print of hair (literally), but if i was going to drink overpriced cocktails, there are far less high maintenance and more entertaining ways to do it.

 But, if you want to give it a shot: www.evansandpeel.com BTW, nobody enquired about our missing sister at the end of the night. Poor girl.

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