Red Dog Saloon / Pizza East

So, I was going to write an amazing post all about Red Dog Saloon and their BBQ. But then I went all the f'ing way to Shoreditch and it was closed for some reason. My boyfriend thinks that everyone who worked there ditched work because it was so nice out. But, I did take a picture of the sign to prove I was there:

So, we walked (in my super cute strawberry print wedges, ASOS sale £12) to Pizza East.

Anyway, I had the salami, mozzarella and chilli flakes pizza. It was good but a little hard to eat (sauce to cheese to topping ratio was way off). And to be honest, I used to live in New York and really, once you have a slice of Bleeker Street pizza, everything else doesn't stand a chance.

Here is said pizza anyway:

Highlight of the meal was the nice rose my boyfriend picked out (his job is to select the wine, mine is to drink it). I actually liked drinking out of the regular cup. Sometimes I think wine glasses try too hard.

Location: Pizza East. 56 Shoreditch High Street, London
Cost: About £12 for a pizza. £30 for nice wine.
Look out for: Actually, this is a listen out for. They had some great music playing a little too quietly including Johnny Cash and Bob Marley. Pizza East on Urbanspoon

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