My love affair with: Hot Dogs

Now, some people might think it phallic or unnatural that I am obsessed with Hot Dogs.  Whatever, they're the shiz.  Anyway, here I will reminisce about some of the best hot dogs I have ever had.  

Caveat: Best hot dog on this side of the Atlantic... nothing beats BBQ hot dogs at home (Canada).

Le Grand Hot Dog 2009

Mi amore en Paris.  May you rest in peace somewhere along the Seine. This is honestly one of the best hot dogs I have ever had.  It was your standard dog, in a fresh baguette, covered in the tastiest cheese ever, grilled on the spot in a toaster oven and then topped off with ketchup and (North American!) mustard.  I acquired this foot long god outside Notre Dame and was settling nicely into my bench on the bridge overlooking the Seine.  Sadly, I only enjoyed one bite of it before some freak mini tornado showed up and blew it right out of my hands and into the Seine.  Seriously, I almost cried.  I was broke and could not afford the €2.50 for a new one, so I've had to cling on to that one bite and savor it ever since.

Ze Dick Hot Dog 2008

This gem was discovered my first trip to Germany when I went to Munich for Oktoberfest. Aside from the copious amours of beer I had, this was definitely a highlight for me.  The dog itself was fairly average.  Bun was fresh, as you would expect because people were eating them like it was the only food left in the world.  To be fair it was the only edible thing with in a 1 mile radius, and when you had as much to drink as I did, anything more than 1 mile away may as well have been in Canada.  Dog itself was spicy and the flavor of the mustard worked well with it.  Solid 8/10.  And yes, I ate the whole thing.  

Big Ben 2009

This is what remained of a hot dog I ate from a street vendor in London after leaving Movida one night.  I don't remember buying it and I don't remember how the sauce got all over my shoes, but I do remember walking down Regent Street, shoveling it in my face and thinking that I was the shit, that right then and there my life couldn't get any better.  That is why it is on this list.  And that is also probably why I took this picture on the night bus home.  

Merida 2010

This is the prime example of a hot dog you don't eat.  I was in Barcelona for work and the camera man was hungry so he suggested this place.  I told him that under no circumstances were we setting foot in that 'restaurant' and then took a picture of the 'menu' to taunt him with.  Also, it looks like an albino's penis.  

I have eaten hot dogs since 2009, many of them, I just didn't take any pictures and they weren't as memorable as the preceding entries.  My search for The One continues...  

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